Sunday, 15 April 2012

Still Here...

The last few weeks are precisely why I allowed myself a year to complete my decluttering goals!
With holidays and working I just haven't had enough time to get to involved in any major jobs although a few 'delegated' jobs have been completed!! 
Our trip to Florida necessitated (of course) in a spot of shopping, so a few (or lots) of new Items have had to be accommodated!
I did, in my defence, keep much more control over the purchases than I would normally thinking that anything I bought needed to be stored or used.  This approach resulted in less money being spent and me loving all the things we did buy (a far better feeling than not having a clue what you are going to find on unpacking!)
So I'm back and still on the straight and narrow regarding all that has already been achieved and great plans for things to come!

How are my decluttering friends getting on then?

Lots of Love xxxx

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  1. I'm going to happily brag and tell you my decluttering is going fabulously!!!

    Had another sort of through of the living room at the weekend and found some more things to get rid of... mammoth listing session on eBay last week so a few things have headed off to their new homes!

    Quite enjoying opening draws and finding them empty now!

    Victoria xx


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