Thursday, 23 February 2012

And The Stains Vanish..................

I love my light cream carpets, unfortunately they don't like dirt!
When it was just me there was an occasional spillage but nothing like the punishment they have taken in the last 13 months!  Sophie was until recently prone to puking all over the show at every opportunity a bit of a weak stomach!

I have always cleaned up straight away but its never been the same! My dad shampooed the carpets for me and they did get better but it was short lived and I think it lasted 2 days!  There was the added downside that the carpet was damp afterwards (not great with a little one!) ! 
I needed something that I can use regularly and is quick and easy.  I wasn't sure when I picked this up but used it once and am converted!
Sprinkle it on and brush in with a clean soft broom, leave for 20 mins (or longer) and hoover up thoroughly.  It actually works and smells lovely!

Whats your top tip for cleaning spillages on carpet?

Lots of Love xxxx

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Sophies Bedroom.....Done at Last!

A few weeks ago I showed you the progress we had made in reorganising Sophie's bedroom and mentioned re using some units from the office room to store her toys.  I finally got round to moving the last unit in and thought I'd share the finished room with you all.

The units are plain white Ikea staples, which I think are great for storage and, being white, fitted into Sophie's room perfectly.  We bought some purple, fabric, organiser boxes( from Ikea too!) which fit in the spaces perfectly!

Alternating open shelves with boxes gives me flexibility meaning I can store her books and larger toys on individual shelves and group smaller toys of similar types in the boxes. 
The boxes exactly match the curtains too!
There is still loads of room and some empty boxes, which I'm sure will get filled in time!
I'm really pleased and feel that I have now given Sophie a bedroom that has space for her to grow (and more importantly space for all her things!) she is really enjoying exploring and learning where her treasures are!
Her favourite thing at the moment (and a source of entertainment for us!) is a cute little rocking chair that my Nan's cousin made for her at his hospital group, she sits in it and rocks happily with her little Cath Kidston blanket over her legs!

Here are a few more photos of Sophie's 'Pretties'

The best thing about the makeover is that, apart from the new wardrobe, the boxes and the rose tins on the drawers, we already owned everything we used!

Getting Sophie's room done has really spurred me on and the office room is gradually getting there, I may even be ready to share some progress soon!

Lots of Love xxxx

Sunday, 19 February 2012

And the Winner Is.................

Well done Callie!  

E mail me your address and your book will be on its way to you ASAP!

Lots of Love xxxx

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Eat your chocolates, drink your champagne and enjoy your flowers!
Keep the memories but not the clutter!!!

Have a lovely day!!!

Lots of Love xxxx

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Clean Sweep.......

Do you worry about the effects of chemical cleaners, paints, mould spores and gasses in your home? 
If so this is the book for you!

It's a little involved for me, not that I don't crack open the bicarbonate of soda now and again and think white vinegar and water can't be beaten when it comes to cleaning glass, but I'm just not in that place where I'm going to make my own laundry detergent yet!

If you are, or if you are just interested in learning a bit more about the 'healthy home' then today is your lucky day!  Leave a comment below and, on Friday, I'll pick a winner who will receive a copy in the post shortly after!

Good Luck!

Lots of Love xxxx

Friday, 10 February 2012

What's the cause of your clutter?

For me, I think its that I like stuff and I really am an 'all or nothing girl'.  If I like something I want it in every variation/colour so when I invariably loose interest I have lots of things I don't use as opposed to just one!
Since becoming a mum I think I have changed a lot, I no longer need stuff and am actually quite shocked at what I have managed to accumulated I can't even remember why!

One thing I have noticed is that a substantial chunk of the clutter in our house is other peoples!

 This pile of stuff belongs to a friend of mine, she lent me a bouncing toy for Sophie when she was about 3 months old, it was fabulous and saved us £100 (currently in the boot of my car as it huge!) but then I inherited more bits and bobs from her, They were lent to be helpful and because she thought Sophie would benefit from them and we were grateful and did use some of them.  Sophie has now outgrown them and they are sitting waiting for a convenient time to drop them back, Its a long wait!!!
Make sure you don't clutter other peoples environments by passing your clutter on by following a few decluttering 'rules'

 1. Unless you think someone has a need/genuine use for something you want rid of don't offer. Passing on your clutter because you can't bear to 'waste' it is just encouraging someone else to continue with a habit you are trying to break yourself!

2. If you think there is someone that would benefit from owning what you are giving away, ask them first!

3. If you lend something to someone (lending meaning you are expecting it back!) always be accommodating at taking the item/s back.  If you aren't in a rush to get it back, consider whether you really need it at all!

I think there is a lot of guilt associated with decluttering 'its such a shame, its never been used' or 'it was so expensive', are often things that cross my mind.  That is why I have every item of clothing that Sophie has grown out of in storage.  James thinks we will use them again if we have another girl (as if!!!) and I just feel sentimental towards them!
No more!!!
I have begun to separate 'special' clothes, which I will keep and list others on eBay, I wince every time I press that list item button but its getting easier and I know they will look almost just as great on another baby somewhere!

Lots of Love xxxx

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Little Changes.....And Another Challenge!

The thing about decluttering is that once you start, you see clutter everywhere!  
This isn't a bad thing if you can deal with the issue in a few minutes but has the danger of sidetracking you and taking your concentration away from your current project!

One of the things that drives me nuts is the multiple bottles of shampoo I seem to accumulate.  I like for my shampoo and conditioner to match but always use the conditioner quicker than the shampoo, then change brands and refuse to 'mix' products

This usually means I have this situation in my bathroom!

At Christmas James treated me to some of my favourite Aveda hair products!

Once I started to use them I remembered why I liked them, my hair looked better and is more manageable!

I know at £32 and £36 they seem a bit steep, but when I consider that I would normally use a bottle of Shampoo and 2 bottles of conditioner a month (at least!) is it really any different cost wise than using the stuff I don't enjoy?

Sound's like a Challenge!  

So far I've been using these bottles for 4 weeks so I'm going to see how long they last and compare the cost  to the equivalent that I would use in high street brands, I'll let you know!!

What's your favourite cosmetic brand?  Do you have any indulgences, that in the long term you consider to be worth the extra expense?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Sophie's Room, The Progress Report

Last week saw me start a few projects the first being the office room and the second being Sophie's bedroom.  I am currently concentrating on finishing the latter as it took a bit longer than I thought it would (doesn't everything?) 

Here is my progress so far....


We took a trip to Ikea with our hire van to pick up a much needed bigger wardrobe which I think looks great!  It has the added bonus of having loads of room so I can see all of her clothes at a glance!


Do you think she has enough?

We also needed something to sit on now hat the bed has been taken down.  I thought about buying a futon or daybed but then remembered that my sofas were in the storage unit!  We brought them back with us and donated the 3 seater to my Aunt, the 2 seater now belongs to Sophie and is great for settling her if she wakes during the night. (I even used square pillows instead of cushions to make it extra comfy!)

A general tidy and clean was all that was needed after that, I have reused some Ikea units from the office room and bought containers that fit perfectly into the shelves to store her toys.  One is in the room already but I can't use the other one until her old wardrobe is moved (currently on eBay!) so I'm not sharing till the room is completed!  
That's it for a few days as I have a heavy work schedule although I have promised to complete my 15 minutes a day decluttering in the office room!

Lots of Love xxxx

Monday, 6 February 2012

At Last..........

The Kitchen Pictures!
You have already seen pictures of my my progress here and here so I'll not bore you with the same photos again

I'll get the worse bit over with and share my under sink cupboard and baking cupboard with you as they are the worse (and most shameful!)
These illustrate my 'stuff it in and close the door' tendencies perfectly!



Moving swiftly on...they now look like this!


 The rest of the cupboards really only needed a quick wipe but I'll share anyway!



Once inside the cabinets were clean and tidy I attacked the outside, scrubbing work surfaces and wiping doors, cornices and kick boards

I'm really pleased with the results and its so much easier to find and use my stuff, I really make the effort to make sure every time I use something it's washed up and put away!
The test will come next time I want to do some baking!!!!

Lots of Love xxxx

Friday, 3 February 2012

Decluttering By Default.......

While we were organising the storage unit and carting furniture backwards and forwards for the office room we also took the opportunity to get sorted in Sophie's room.  I Know, I know 'one room at a time Kelly' but surely you can let me off where van rental is involved we wanted to do it all in one hit!  Also, in my defence, Sophie's room doesn't need much at all just a clean and sorting her clothes to take out anything that doesn't fit her anymore so motivationally for me it sorts a whole room almost by accident!

Sophie's room started off lovely but as she has gotten older and accumulated more things the space just didn't work anymore, add that to Christmas and a birthday within a week of each other and every toy she owns cluttering up our living room, we were pretty desperate to rethink her bedroom space!

A quick before photo says it all!

We kept the spare bed in her room as we knew it was likely we would need to use it in the early days, I have always changed her nappies and dressed her on the bed too but she needs the space and we knew long term it would have to come down.  We also made the mistake of buying 'childrens' furniture the wardrobe is tiny and next to useless for us now (as you can see there are piles of clothes on top!)

So the bed came down and the carpets were cleaned!
I loved seeing the room looking so empty!  So did Sophie, who had a mad half hour whizzing all over the place!!

(does anyone have any tips for getting the dents out of carpets?)

We also moved the 'spare' chest of drawers into her room to replace the tiny ones we had.
These have loads more room!

Pop back to see the finished room on Tuesday (kitchen pics on Monday! promise!!)

Lots of Love xxxx

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Moving On............

With the kitchen organised and thoroughly cleaned it was time to turn my attentions elsewhere.  James and I have been intending to makeover the office/craft room for a long time.  
We use it as an extension of Sophie's bedroom as she has a second chest of drawers in there to house her enviable wardrobe (and I'll admit stuffing sneaking a few of my own bits in there too)  It also, like many spare rooms, gets used as a dumping ground!

A quick before pic!

As you can see there is a lot of random 'stuff' and to be honest a lot of it just isn't used, James has some nice office furniture in storage, so we have decided to use that for a change.
I hate the desk, It's huge and ugly and my Nan's vintage sewing machine and chair (on the left) needs to be stored as we just don't have the room (If you want a better look pop over to my other blog)
So we have hired one of these......

And are going on a road trip to Reading to deliver some some bits to storage and organise the storage space better and of course bring back the furniture we want to use. 
I would really have preferred to have had a bit of time to prepare, but with the break in that wasn't an option! This is when we have the time off work together so it has to be today, we make a great team and I'm sure we will manage to get everything done!

It looks like this right now!!!

I then have a few more days off to organise the space as best as possible.  Although looking at it I reckon I'm gong to need longer than a few days!!!

Wish me luck!!!

Lots of Love xxxx