Thursday, 3 May 2012

Safe and Sound......

 A while ago I posted about some jobs at home that needed to be delegated out to professionals, one of which was to replace our unsafe 70's style banisters.  Check them out here!

I'm pleased to say the work has been completed (bar a lick of paint!) and here is the result!

We were really pleased with the carpenter and are already thinking of more jobs for him!

We are also preparing for a week of upheaval next week while we have our tiny garden landscaped I'm sure you will agree that it's a job that is long overdue!

I'll keep you updated!

Lots of Love xxxx

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Still Here...

The last few weeks are precisely why I allowed myself a year to complete my decluttering goals!
With holidays and working I just haven't had enough time to get to involved in any major jobs although a few 'delegated' jobs have been completed!! 
Our trip to Florida necessitated (of course) in a spot of shopping, so a few (or lots) of new Items have had to be accommodated!
I did, in my defence, keep much more control over the purchases than I would normally thinking that anything I bought needed to be stored or used.  This approach resulted in less money being spent and me loving all the things we did buy (a far better feeling than not having a clue what you are going to find on unpacking!)
So I'm back and still on the straight and narrow regarding all that has already been achieved and great plans for things to come!

How are my decluttering friends getting on then?

Lots of Love xxxx

Thursday, 23 February 2012

And The Stains Vanish..................

I love my light cream carpets, unfortunately they don't like dirt!
When it was just me there was an occasional spillage but nothing like the punishment they have taken in the last 13 months!  Sophie was until recently prone to puking all over the show at every opportunity a bit of a weak stomach!

I have always cleaned up straight away but its never been the same! My dad shampooed the carpets for me and they did get better but it was short lived and I think it lasted 2 days!  There was the added downside that the carpet was damp afterwards (not great with a little one!) ! 
I needed something that I can use regularly and is quick and easy.  I wasn't sure when I picked this up but used it once and am converted!
Sprinkle it on and brush in with a clean soft broom, leave for 20 mins (or longer) and hoover up thoroughly.  It actually works and smells lovely!

Whats your top tip for cleaning spillages on carpet?

Lots of Love xxxx

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Sophies Bedroom.....Done at Last!

A few weeks ago I showed you the progress we had made in reorganising Sophie's bedroom and mentioned re using some units from the office room to store her toys.  I finally got round to moving the last unit in and thought I'd share the finished room with you all.

The units are plain white Ikea staples, which I think are great for storage and, being white, fitted into Sophie's room perfectly.  We bought some purple, fabric, organiser boxes( from Ikea too!) which fit in the spaces perfectly!

Alternating open shelves with boxes gives me flexibility meaning I can store her books and larger toys on individual shelves and group smaller toys of similar types in the boxes. 
The boxes exactly match the curtains too!
There is still loads of room and some empty boxes, which I'm sure will get filled in time!
I'm really pleased and feel that I have now given Sophie a bedroom that has space for her to grow (and more importantly space for all her things!) she is really enjoying exploring and learning where her treasures are!
Her favourite thing at the moment (and a source of entertainment for us!) is a cute little rocking chair that my Nan's cousin made for her at his hospital group, she sits in it and rocks happily with her little Cath Kidston blanket over her legs!

Here are a few more photos of Sophie's 'Pretties'

The best thing about the makeover is that, apart from the new wardrobe, the boxes and the rose tins on the drawers, we already owned everything we used!

Getting Sophie's room done has really spurred me on and the office room is gradually getting there, I may even be ready to share some progress soon!

Lots of Love xxxx

Sunday, 19 February 2012

And the Winner Is.................

Well done Callie!  

E mail me your address and your book will be on its way to you ASAP!

Lots of Love xxxx

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Eat your chocolates, drink your champagne and enjoy your flowers!
Keep the memories but not the clutter!!!

Have a lovely day!!!

Lots of Love xxxx

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Clean Sweep.......

Do you worry about the effects of chemical cleaners, paints, mould spores and gasses in your home? 
If so this is the book for you!

It's a little involved for me, not that I don't crack open the bicarbonate of soda now and again and think white vinegar and water can't be beaten when it comes to cleaning glass, but I'm just not in that place where I'm going to make my own laundry detergent yet!

If you are, or if you are just interested in learning a bit more about the 'healthy home' then today is your lucky day!  Leave a comment below and, on Friday, I'll pick a winner who will receive a copy in the post shortly after!

Good Luck!

Lots of Love xxxx