Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Sophies Bedroom.....Done at Last!

A few weeks ago I showed you the progress we had made in reorganising Sophie's bedroom and mentioned re using some units from the office room to store her toys.  I finally got round to moving the last unit in and thought I'd share the finished room with you all.

The units are plain white Ikea staples, which I think are great for storage and, being white, fitted into Sophie's room perfectly.  We bought some purple, fabric, organiser boxes( from Ikea too!) which fit in the spaces perfectly!

Alternating open shelves with boxes gives me flexibility meaning I can store her books and larger toys on individual shelves and group smaller toys of similar types in the boxes. 
The boxes exactly match the curtains too!
There is still loads of room and some empty boxes, which I'm sure will get filled in time!
I'm really pleased and feel that I have now given Sophie a bedroom that has space for her to grow (and more importantly space for all her things!) she is really enjoying exploring and learning where her treasures are!
Her favourite thing at the moment (and a source of entertainment for us!) is a cute little rocking chair that my Nan's cousin made for her at his hospital group, she sits in it and rocks happily with her little Cath Kidston blanket over her legs!

Here are a few more photos of Sophie's 'Pretties'

The best thing about the makeover is that, apart from the new wardrobe, the boxes and the rose tins on the drawers, we already owned everything we used!

Getting Sophie's room done has really spurred me on and the office room is gradually getting there, I may even be ready to share some progress soon!

Lots of Love xxxx


  1. Kelly the room is looking gorgeous. Love Ikea Expedit shelving, so versatile and very strong, has to be to take all my crafting stuff. Sophie is a very lucky girl and will have lots of fun in her new room. Love Lolo xx

  2. What a beautiful room! She has some lovely things, truly fit for a princess. Well done you! xxx

  3. Oh Kelly, it is looking wonderful!! Fit to a real princess!!
    Can I say that I am envying Sophie a little bit now? ;)

  4. Such a gorgeous room, and a very thrifty makeover. I am very jealous :) x x x x

  5. It looks beautiful! Well done you hunny! I'd say it has got a mature look now!

  6. It looks fabulous and quite sophisticated and classy. She is a lucky little girl.

  7. Ah, my little Roo roos room looks lovely, bet she looks just dandy sitting in Brian's rocking chair. Love what you've done.

    Hugs xxx

  8. Kelly it looks amazing- a perfect little girls room...You have both done such a lovely job..
    Warm Wishes,
    Callie x

  9. Room looks fantastic and well done for making use of what you had around home!

    Victoria xx


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