Friday, 10 February 2012

What's the cause of your clutter?

For me, I think its that I like stuff and I really am an 'all or nothing girl'.  If I like something I want it in every variation/colour so when I invariably loose interest I have lots of things I don't use as opposed to just one!
Since becoming a mum I think I have changed a lot, I no longer need stuff and am actually quite shocked at what I have managed to accumulated I can't even remember why!

One thing I have noticed is that a substantial chunk of the clutter in our house is other peoples!

 This pile of stuff belongs to a friend of mine, she lent me a bouncing toy for Sophie when she was about 3 months old, it was fabulous and saved us £100 (currently in the boot of my car as it huge!) but then I inherited more bits and bobs from her, They were lent to be helpful and because she thought Sophie would benefit from them and we were grateful and did use some of them.  Sophie has now outgrown them and they are sitting waiting for a convenient time to drop them back, Its a long wait!!!
Make sure you don't clutter other peoples environments by passing your clutter on by following a few decluttering 'rules'

 1. Unless you think someone has a need/genuine use for something you want rid of don't offer. Passing on your clutter because you can't bear to 'waste' it is just encouraging someone else to continue with a habit you are trying to break yourself!

2. If you think there is someone that would benefit from owning what you are giving away, ask them first!

3. If you lend something to someone (lending meaning you are expecting it back!) always be accommodating at taking the item/s back.  If you aren't in a rush to get it back, consider whether you really need it at all!

I think there is a lot of guilt associated with decluttering 'its such a shame, its never been used' or 'it was so expensive', are often things that cross my mind.  That is why I have every item of clothing that Sophie has grown out of in storage.  James thinks we will use them again if we have another girl (as if!!!) and I just feel sentimental towards them!
No more!!!
I have begun to separate 'special' clothes, which I will keep and list others on eBay, I wince every time I press that list item button but its getting easier and I know they will look almost just as great on another baby somewhere!

Lots of Love xxxx


  1. Get rid of all the stuff that you have been lent. Sort out Soph's clothes keep some special bits in a suitcase and get rid of the rest, if you were to have another girl she will have all nice new stuff like Sophie did.


  2. Agree with auntie... as I've said before with the clothes you keep for weight loss if you have another little princess she'll get new clothes... it's not necessary to keep hundreds of things from Next etc... make up a nice little suitcase for Sophie to have when she's older of special clothes, what she wore when she came home from the hospital... the dress she wore for the next special occasion or something that makes you life because it reminds you of a special time.

    It's funny reading this now as I've just loaded up the car with the lights I need to return to Next tomorrow and the lamp and Christmas tree that need to be dumped at mum and dads tomorrow!

    Victoria xx


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