Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Sophie's Room, The Progress Report

Last week saw me start a few projects the first being the office room and the second being Sophie's bedroom.  I am currently concentrating on finishing the latter as it took a bit longer than I thought it would (doesn't everything?) 

Here is my progress so far....


We took a trip to Ikea with our hire van to pick up a much needed bigger wardrobe which I think looks great!  It has the added bonus of having loads of room so I can see all of her clothes at a glance!


Do you think she has enough?

We also needed something to sit on now hat the bed has been taken down.  I thought about buying a futon or daybed but then remembered that my sofas were in the storage unit!  We brought them back with us and donated the 3 seater to my Aunt, the 2 seater now belongs to Sophie and is great for settling her if she wakes during the night. (I even used square pillows instead of cushions to make it extra comfy!)

A general tidy and clean was all that was needed after that, I have reused some Ikea units from the office room and bought containers that fit perfectly into the shelves to store her toys.  One is in the room already but I can't use the other one until her old wardrobe is moved (currently on eBay!) so I'm not sharing till the room is completed!  
That's it for a few days as I have a heavy work schedule although I have promised to complete my 15 minutes a day decluttering in the office room!

Lots of Love xxxx


  1. What a lovely lovely room,what a lucky little girl she is to have a)a room of her own and b)a Mum who knows how a bit of organisation followed by a bit of pretty is good for the soul!
    Dont work too hard..
    Warm Wishes,
    ps;LOVELY sofa..

  2. Kelly, Soph's room lookd gorgeous just like our girlie, love that wardrobe too, so much nicer. Loving our 'new' sofa, so comfy and looks great too.

    lots of love Aunt xxx

  3. it is a great room, she is a lucky girl xx

  4. Wow what a progress, its such a beautiful room. Got to love Ikea for storage too :o) Scarlett x

  5. Wow, super neat job.....such a lovely lovely room!x

  6. Sophie's room is looking fantastic and much better use of the space and new furniture!

    Victoria xxx

  7. Her bedroom looks lovely, very cosy and somewhere you want to spend time which is great. How are you finding it all? x x x x

  8. I love the colors of her clothing and her white sofa :)

    Have a great weekend!

    Sandy xox


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