Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Moving On............

With the kitchen organised and thoroughly cleaned it was time to turn my attentions elsewhere.  James and I have been intending to makeover the office/craft room for a long time.  
We use it as an extension of Sophie's bedroom as she has a second chest of drawers in there to house her enviable wardrobe (and I'll admit stuffing sneaking a few of my own bits in there too)  It also, like many spare rooms, gets used as a dumping ground!

A quick before pic!

As you can see there is a lot of random 'stuff' and to be honest a lot of it just isn't used, James has some nice office furniture in storage, so we have decided to use that for a change.
I hate the desk, It's huge and ugly and my Nan's vintage sewing machine and chair (on the left) needs to be stored as we just don't have the room (If you want a better look pop over to my other blog)
So we have hired one of these......

And are going on a road trip to Reading to deliver some some bits to storage and organise the storage space better and of course bring back the furniture we want to use. 
I would really have preferred to have had a bit of time to prepare, but with the break in that wasn't an option! This is when we have the time off work together so it has to be today, we make a great team and I'm sure we will manage to get everything done!

It looks like this right now!!!

I then have a few more days off to organise the space as best as possible.  Although looking at it I reckon I'm gong to need longer than a few days!!!

Wish me luck!!!

Lots of Love xxxx

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