Monday, 6 February 2012

At Last..........

The Kitchen Pictures!
You have already seen pictures of my my progress here and here so I'll not bore you with the same photos again

I'll get the worse bit over with and share my under sink cupboard and baking cupboard with you as they are the worse (and most shameful!)
These illustrate my 'stuff it in and close the door' tendencies perfectly!



Moving swiftly on...they now look like this!


 The rest of the cupboards really only needed a quick wipe but I'll share anyway!



Once inside the cabinets were clean and tidy I attacked the outside, scrubbing work surfaces and wiping doors, cornices and kick boards

I'm really pleased with the results and its so much easier to find and use my stuff, I really make the effort to make sure every time I use something it's washed up and put away!
The test will come next time I want to do some baking!!!!

Lots of Love xxxx


  1. Big envy for you right now, this looks fab. For me I think this has to be one thing I hate about not having my own place and having to share my home with others who are maybe not so neat and tidy as me. I would love to live in an organised home like this, you have done a great job of it x x x x

  2. I'm a stuff it in and close the door girl too! Although I did sort out my tupperware cupboard the other day. Well done it looks great, all spic and span.

  3. Looking good! How is your cough?

    Sandy xo

  4. That's a well stocked first aid cupboard but an even better one with "drinkies" underneath!! lol, Lucey x

  5. Looks fab and organised to within an inch of it's life!

    Victoria xxx


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