Sunday, 15 January 2012

Oh Baby........

They might be small but they certainly bring a lot of accessories with them! 
Our kitchen has no less than 3 dedicated 'baby' cupboards.  Recently I have noticed that, as Sophie grows, there is less and less 'stuff' we use from them, yet they are getting messier and messier!

The food cupboard

Sophie Doesn't really eat 'baby food' anymore so, bar a few emergency meals and her cereal, cleared and tidied.  I gave the items that Sophie won't eat to a friend for her baby.


And after:

The 'milk' cupboard
 What a mess!! I haven't even looked on that top shelf for weeks! 

Bibs and bottles

Most of the things in this cupboard haven't been used for months and months, the bottles and teats and muslin squares are no longer needed, after throwing away anything below par I popped the rest into storage.  We also bought some new bibs in the sales so anything stained or grubby looking went!



So far so good!

Lots of Love xxxx


  1. good progress. I am on a mission in my eldest boys room today x

  2. You have been busy, it is amazing what a difference it makes. Your cupboards are looking lovely :) x x x x

  3. Well done Soph for having proper food now!
    (erm..did you also get rid of your 12 soothers??!! :-)


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