Monday, 9 January 2012

Where To Start........

When I planned to declutter the house I gave myself just 3 rules:

1. One room at a time.

2. One cupboard/drawer/area at a time.

3. Never try to do more than can be done in the time available
I didn't want to set strict rules or put pressure on myself and figured that I would gradually, as I got into the process of  letting go, find my way.
I have decided to start with the kitchen.  My 'Mother Hubbard' challenge has meant that I've already made a start so it seems natural to continue. 

Without further ado let me introduce you to my tiny kitchen (no quick tidy ups, I promise!)

As you can see it really is a small room and if I'm honest isn't in that awful a state.  The usual kitchen 'trouble spots' apply here.  There are a few 'dumping' areas where receipts and leaflets collect and the cupboard under the sink is home to a wonderful collection of cleaning products!

Enough chat lets get going!

Lots of Love xxxx

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  1. Your house is never untidy anyway Kel, you're the only person I know that had empty kitchen cupboards until fairly recently.

    Love you Tante xx


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