Thursday, 19 January 2012

Getting on Top........

Things haven't been going the way I planned recently!  I would have expected to have shown you a finished kitchen by now but it's been slow going and I'm giving it the final clean today so will be sharing on Monday so be sure to pop over for a nose!
While time hasn't permitted me to get into any major jobs I have been concentrating on keeping on top of the general upkeep of the house.  I didn't want to concentrate on decluttering the kitchen while the rest of the house went into decline!  

I really feel as though I'm building some good habits already, I'm so organised with the laundry and dinners that James keeps asking if I'm OK!!!

 Lots of Love xxxx


  1. Well done, sounds like you've made a great start. Me, not so. I have cleared out the bedside table drawer and a shelf in the wardrobe (a dumping ground for paperwork). Not much but it is a start!

  2. I'm taking advantage of my kitchen ceiling being done today and the fact I've had to clear everything out to give it a proper clean this afternoon!

    Victoria xx

  3. Sounds like its going well, well done on the organisation - i need to really get my butt into gear and follow your lead :o) Scarlett x

  4. Slowly but surely is the way. Keep up the good work!


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