Sunday, 1 January 2012


To the new year, a new blog and, for me, a new challenge!

I have set myself the slightly panic inducing challenge of decluttering my home and therefore (hopefully) my mind.  

The Confession......
I've mentioned decluttering so many times in the past at 'Kelly's Recipes For Life' that I should have my home organised to within an inch of its life, sadly this is not the case and no matter how ruthless I am I still find myself searching for what I need.  I still feel that, despite the wardrobe full of clothes, I have nothing to wear.  I'm fed up with being late or forgetting things because I'm just not that well organised!
My house is far from an imminent visit from Kim and Aggie, it is (usually) spotlessly clean and  to the naked eye it is tidy enough, I never feel that I can't invite people inside but I know that if they just opened that drawer or looked inside that beautiful sea grass basket they would see the real me and heavens forbid they asked me to find my keys!  

I have, on countless occasions, ruthlessly culled my belongings, and each time the house improves to a point but obviously as life changes what we value does too and I suppose this is just another stage in the journey.  I'm a Mum now and my little baby is growing into an inquisitive, mobile toddler, and like many women in my position, family is the focus of my attention leaving less time for me to indulge in the hobbies from my distant past. 

The Challenge.......

I have given myself a realistic timescale of one full year to properly explore and assess what I own and 'use it or loose it'.  Obviously (given my previous experiences) outing as much as possible over the course of a week or two just isn't the answer, I also am not prepared to forfeit time spent with my little girl for the sake of a tidy garage.  I will dispose of all items in as an environmentally friendly way as possible, that being donating to charity, selling or giving to a new owner (who really has a use for it!), recycling or simply making sure the items are used up rather than cluttering up!

I was reluctant to incorporate this latest endeavour into my 'normal' blog and hope you agree that this subject is worthy of a blog all of it's very own!
I am hoping that, at least, some of my followers from 'Kelly's Recipes For Life' will visit me here and offer the encouragement and tips or even join in if you feel like I do!

We might even have fun along the way!!!


  1. I'll definitely join you in this one! My 3 bed terraced house is bursting at the seams with 2 adults, 1 child, 2 businesses and another baby on the way! We have plans to convert the attic, thought of which fills me with dread!

  2. Happy new year Kelly. I'm looking forward to following this blog as its pretty much my mission to get our house decluttered, organised and decorated x

  3. Like you my house looks fairly tidy at first glance, but behind cupboard doors and drawers lurks the truth.
    Decluttering and organising is an ongoing mission, so it is sensible to not try to blitz everything in one go. I look forward to following your progress.

  4. I'm looking forward to following you here as this is one of my goals too.
    Have you read 'The Joy of Less' by Francine Jay, well worth a read and I think it may well help you in your quest chick.

    Beki xxx

  5. Looks everyone's in this with you!

    Victoria xx


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