Thursday, 26 January 2012

Stolen Time....

I'd love to say the week long gap in posts was because I'm spending my time flying ahead with lots of lovely decluttering to tell you all about but unfortunately that is not the case!
On Monday night intruders broke into our house while we slept, fortunately we were not disturbed and knew nothing until the following morning when James' car was missing from the driveway.  A few easy to grab items were missing from the house but the worst thing about the whole incident is what they left behind.  A feeling of uneasiness in my own home.  Yes we have changed the locks and are having an alarm fitted but The fact remains that they were in our home when our daughter was asleep in her room.  I'm trying not to scare myself and the police have assured us that the car was the target and the other items were just chance. 
Focusing on positive we have had a scare but no one was hurt and we can replace the stolen items.

This post is to ask you all, that while we are all busy decluttering our homes remember to look at your house security to make sure the things you do value remain in your possession! 

I'm now even more motivated to continue what I have started, partly to try to rid myself of this feeling of violation and partly because in the back of my mind I'm thinking if the stolen items were put away they may not have been taken.
Sorry for the grim post but I really wanted to share in the hope that I could prevent the same happening to any of you.
I'll not let these cowards keep me down though and I'll be back next week, we have lots of plans so its going to be a busy week!

Lots of Love xxxx


  1. Oh dear Kelly, I can only imagine how you are feeling. My MIL had her house broken in as well when she and my FIL were asleep and it left them feeling the same way. It is a horrible experience and I am sure you guys will recover from that as stronger as ever. Lots of love and hugs to you and your family. xxx

  2. Oh no poor you, thank goodness you didn't know about it though. Sending you hugs and kisses x x

  3. Oh no, how awful for you. Hugs xx

  4. Sending you & your family big hugs. What an awful thing to happen, I hope those b@$!#*%s are caught. L xxxx

  5. Oh Kelly what an awful thing to happen, keep your chin up and don't let the buggers win! Looking forward to seeing your plans for next week xx

  6. How awful. You are right to try to keep positive and look forward. Don't let them win. x

  7. Oh Kelly, how awful for you. But you are right in not letting them win. Keep positive and do what you always do. The feelings will settle down with time. Do get an alarm system though. All the best. xx


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