Friday, 6 January 2012

Old Mother Hubbard...........

You know the nursery rhyme right?  

Well if her cupboard is bare our food cupboard is completely the opposite!
Are you ready? 
(cringe!!! I had to resist the urge to have a tidy before I took this photo, but I want to share the truth!)

I know one might not naturally think of food as clutter (after all we need it don't we?) but when you don't use your 'store cupboard' foods (or can't because they are so far out of date!) that is exactly what it is!

James and I don't shop regularly, we work shifts so aren't always around to do a proper food shop.  We usually buy a few days meals at a time depending on who is at home.  This never works out, of course, as we will forget what was intended to go with what and end up not using everything we have bought.  
These unused foods either sit forgotten of get thrown away, out of date, when the next lot of badly planned shopping gets put away.

As part of my decluttering challenge I have decided to take control of the situation and set myself the task of taking stock and using up the food we have stored in our larder and freezer.  
Obviously I will have to buy a few fresh ingredients and the odd item needed to complete a meal but I intend to use mainly ingredients we already have.

I will, of course, share my endeavours with you next week!

How long do you think it will all last!

Lots of Love xxxx


  1. My kitchen is next on the list after my front room is done although I have to wait until the ceiling is done really!

    It's not too bad I have to say but as with everything else I want to get it all back to basics and start again... I mean I haven't baked in ages so the vanilla essence is probably not at it's best!!

    I do need to start eating properly too... I'm relying too much on takeaways!!

    Victoria xxx

  2. Just think of the money you will be saving as well as space :) I think most of us are guilty of this habbit or at least have been at some point. It would be lovely to see an after picture of the cupboard - good for you for showing it as it really is as well. It is all too easy to pretty up our spaces especially for photos for the blog ha ha, it is nice to see that we all live very similar and cluttered lives x x x x

  3. i like this new blog Kelly. Have you heard of the flylady? i have been following her for a while and i love her!! I don't follow all her rules but i do try and do her 15 minute tasks eveyday - they are making such a difference xx

  4. I truly love to organize...I know kinda sick uh? But we all have some kind of clutter! :)

  5. We do do a regular weekly shop and still havelotsof waste and out of date items, so wrong.
    Can totally relate to your cupboard, don't forget the after pics hunxx

  6. Im on a de-clutter mission too. You have inspired me to get my kitchen cupboards sorted too :o) Scarlett x


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