Monday, 30 January 2012

Delegation.....Thats What You Need!

Some of the jobs that need doing in my home are not things that I could be bothered would be able to tackle myself.  We have long wanted to have our drive block paved and to generally spruce up the front of the house.  Obviously we have concentrated on improving the inside of the house and apart from a new garage door I've done nothing since I bought the house in 2005!  Does it notice?

We also have realised that our landing banisters aren't very safe now that Sophie is on the move......
Look at that perfect child sized gap, a direct route to downstairs!

We have decided to investigate the cost of replacing these with spindle style banisters, again something we wouldn't attempt ourselves!
This week I'm setting myself the task of actually making the calls to make these things happen, being disorganised and promising myself to 'do it tomorrow' doesn't seem to be working!

Another call I made today was regarding my kitchen cabinets.  The kitchen is not really very old, It was fitted about four years ago and almost immediately the doors started looking a bit worse for wear, I kept meaning to follow it up but never got around to it and they got worse!

Yes that is the laminate completely separated from the door!

A few days ago I saw an advert for the company I bought it from stating a 15 year guarantee on their kitchens so popped into the local store and got the number for their customer service centre
The lady I spoke to was really helpful and said that I'm still covered by a 5 year warranty (for the doors) so she is sending out a form for me to detail the damage and they will replace the doors.  I'm not sure if we will replace with the same doors as I'm not convinced of the quality but we are hoping we can pay the difference and choose something else.  I'll keep you updated!

If you could delegate any job in your home what would it be?

Lots of Love xxxx

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