Thursday, 23 February 2012

And The Stains Vanish..................

I love my light cream carpets, unfortunately they don't like dirt!
When it was just me there was an occasional spillage but nothing like the punishment they have taken in the last 13 months!  Sophie was until recently prone to puking all over the show at every opportunity a bit of a weak stomach!

I have always cleaned up straight away but its never been the same! My dad shampooed the carpets for me and they did get better but it was short lived and I think it lasted 2 days!  There was the added downside that the carpet was damp afterwards (not great with a little one!) ! 
I needed something that I can use regularly and is quick and easy.  I wasn't sure when I picked this up but used it once and am converted!
Sprinkle it on and brush in with a clean soft broom, leave for 20 mins (or longer) and hoover up thoroughly.  It actually works and smells lovely!

Whats your top tip for cleaning spillages on carpet?

Lots of Love xxxx


  1. Think I'll buy some of that. xx

  2. I need to buy some of this!!!

    Victoria xxx

  3. I need to get some of that, my cream carpets are looking sorry for themselves.

  4. Thank you for the tip, Kelly! I will have to buy some of these for the rug we have in the sitting room. Thank God it is laminate flooring since we moved in and it has been easier to clean as Joey grows. But oh the rug... it is the second one, in shades of brown and cream but still. NOrmally I use Vanish spray to clean but is not all that. xx

  5. Thanks for the recommendation. The only carpet in the house is on the stairs/landing and yes, it is cream. We hire a Rug Doctor machine every now and then but that isn't cheap. I wonder if this vanish stuff will get out a mark left by taping the fairy lights leads to the carpet with gaffer tape? Argh, it left a right mess!

  6. Our Oxyclean does the same thimg. Take lots of pix of Sophie in Minnie Mouse ears- at Disney world :)

    Sandy xox


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