Friday, 3 February 2012

Decluttering By Default.......

While we were organising the storage unit and carting furniture backwards and forwards for the office room we also took the opportunity to get sorted in Sophie's room.  I Know, I know 'one room at a time Kelly' but surely you can let me off where van rental is involved we wanted to do it all in one hit!  Also, in my defence, Sophie's room doesn't need much at all just a clean and sorting her clothes to take out anything that doesn't fit her anymore so motivationally for me it sorts a whole room almost by accident!

Sophie's room started off lovely but as she has gotten older and accumulated more things the space just didn't work anymore, add that to Christmas and a birthday within a week of each other and every toy she owns cluttering up our living room, we were pretty desperate to rethink her bedroom space!

A quick before photo says it all!

We kept the spare bed in her room as we knew it was likely we would need to use it in the early days, I have always changed her nappies and dressed her on the bed too but she needs the space and we knew long term it would have to come down.  We also made the mistake of buying 'childrens' furniture the wardrobe is tiny and next to useless for us now (as you can see there are piles of clothes on top!)

So the bed came down and the carpets were cleaned!
I loved seeing the room looking so empty!  So did Sophie, who had a mad half hour whizzing all over the place!!

(does anyone have any tips for getting the dents out of carpets?)

We also moved the 'spare' chest of drawers into her room to replace the tiny ones we had.
These have loads more room!

Pop back to see the finished room on Tuesday (kitchen pics on Monday! promise!!)

Lots of Love xxxx


  1. great size room for Sophie!!! stick an ice cube in each dent, let it melt then sort of brush the carpet around a bit (fluff it up with something little just in the dent area). You may need to do it a few times :)

  2. Great room! I made sure i got a big wardroble for my boys nursery as you say the childrens furniture although looks lovely, is tiny. Scarlett x

  3. Yo babes, use your steam iron and a towel to get the dents out of your carpet apparently xx

  4. Sounds like you're making progress with your decluttering even if a bit here and there it's all part off the mission!!

    I was going to say Lissy Lou's tip of using ice cubes!

    Victoria xx

  5. I was going to suggest ice cubes too...
    Happy Sorting........
    Warm Wishes,


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